Raptor is a patented Phosphite-Thiosulphate complex designed to enhance plant health, increase root growth and mass and help boost resistance to turf diseases.

Raptor is a unique nutrient based plant stimulant created by the reaction of ammonium and potassium phosphites with ammonium and potassium thiosulphates, resulting in a 3-8-6 liquid rich in humic and fulvic acids. When tank mixed with conventional fungicides their uptake by the plant is increased significantly.

Recommended application rate is 2.5L/ha in 200-600L water and a programme of 4 applications through the season at this rate will provide optimum results: March/April; late May; July and September/October.

Nutrient application at 2.5L/ha:     0,075kg N/ha            0.2kg P/ha            0.15kg K/ha.

Pack size: 4 X 2.5L