We can supply the finest quality grass seed mixes from two grass seed producers, Limagrain and Hurrells.

The range encompasses a whole variety of uses and customer needs, from All Bent mixes for the finest greens, through to tees and fairways for golf, fine mixes for cricket squares and outfields.

We also offer specialist shade, low maintenance and annual or perennial wild flower mixes.


Our own Amtech Amenity grass seed range is supplied by Limagrain, all the mixes are Headstart treated.

Headstart treatment is a natural revolutionary grass seed treatment that ensures rapid germination. Headstart contains seaweed extract with high Cytokinin content. This promotes cell division during germination, breaks dormancy and stimulates metabolic process which leads to faster germination and better competitive ability. Cellulase stimulates the formation of roots and shoots by ensuring a softer cell-wall structure, while Amylase constitutes an important source of energy, initiating photosynthesis in the germination phase.

Headstart also contains biostimulants in the form of trace elements and organic compounds. These help to protect the seed in its initial growth phase and help it draw in moisture, ensuring an adequate supply of nutrients for the seedling, guaranteeing efficient use of the available nutrients and preventing deficiencies of essential trace elements such as iron, magnesium and manganese.


With Headstart treated mixes, your seeding programme will benefit from faster germination speeds, up to 20% more grass plants, increased root establishment and increased sward density.

We can supply you with a specialist seed brochure, please speak to your Amtech area manager or our sales office.

We frequently arrange customer visits to our seed suppliers breeding trial sites, if you are interested in joining us on our next visit please do not hesitate to contact us.