ClearWater makes stored water safe to use. Designed to control bacteria, viruses, algae and single celled organisms in stored water to be used in irrigation systems or for cleaning machinery or artificial surfaces.

ClearWater contains 60g/L peroxy acetic (peracetic) acid which is used widely from operating theatres to the food industry for the control of harmful pathogens. It can even be used to treat drinking water when chlorination fails.

  • Wipes out viruses, bacteria and all known pathogens that can multiply in stored water during the summer months.
  • Controls algal blooms safely and effectively.
  • Helps oxygenate stored water.
  • Vastly reduces health risks when using stored water.
  • Analysis W/V: Peroxy/Acetic acid (with surfactants) 6%.

Recommended application rate for routine use: 1L/1000L water.

Recommended application rate for heavily contaminated water: 1L/250L water.

Pack size: 1L.