About Amtech Amenity.

The name Amtech has been known worldwide within the golfing and sporting arenas since the early 1990’s. The intellectual property of Amenity Technology was purchased , and is still owned by, Mark Timberlake in 2008 and efforts commenced to restore the brand to its former glory. As the company name has always been abbreviated to “Amtech” the decision was made in 2013 to change the trading name to Amtech Amenity and a new driving range division created under a separate company with the brand name Amtech Range.

In 2010 Amtech acquired the main UK distribution rights for Paraide and Pattisson course equipment brands, whilst also completing the purchase of the Penfold range ball business.

These new ranges of products helped to complement the existing business that was already well known for both it’s liquid and granular products.

Today, in 2014, the business growth continues unabated with the recent acquisition of one of the company’s distributor customers, resulting in a direct salesforce of eight staff, supported by an office/warehouse function of five members alongside two service engineers.

Amtech is proud to boast that it can supply both the course and the driving range with the high quality products needed to provide a pleasant and enjoyable golfing experience for the consumer.